Hemingway Was Write

The three things fledging novelists have most trouble with are: finding the voice, creating a satisfying story arc and managing back story. Read More >

Vanity of Vanities

What was profoundly distressing about this program was that one poor woman had received rejection letters from fifty publishers, but then one publishing house contacted her with effusive praise – ‘It’s a work of genius’ – then asked her for money. Read More >

The Novel Start

When taking writing classes or workshops I often speak about the importance of the opening chapter. There’s that apocryphal 1950s story about how William Golding sent his manuscript to one publisher who rejected it. He then sent it on to Faber, who suggested that he get rid of the existing opening chapter, which he did. Et voilà! Lord of the Flies remains one of the most compelling novels of the twentieth century. Read More >

Victor, Victoria

When the majority of readers are women (who read across many types of fiction), the majority of trade publishing employees are women, and the majority of creative writing students are women, why isn’t there, at minimum, equal representation in book reviews and by book reviewers? Read More >

This Time of the Year

I suspect many of you had made a secret promise to finish and send out your manuscript to publishers before Christmas. My advice? Don’t. Read More >

Dear Mr Brandis

You have until Friday 31 July to address the minister directly about your concerns on how writers, denied access for funds that give them time to write, will continue to contribute not only to Australia literature but to our culture more generally. Read More >