Once More Unto the Breach

Don’t read it on screen, read it on paper. And resist all twitchy urges to return to the computer to fiddle with things. Trust me, it needs more than that. Read More >

First draft doldrums

Without question the best thing you can do for your writing is to become a good reader – read widely, across genres, and pay attention; and for your masterclasses revisit the classics. Read More >

Character Building

You need to know your character and her back story better than anyone, but only a little of this should find its way to the page. And this is not necessarily about aping reality but creating a world where these people – your creations – have a place in it. Write a one- to two-page profile for each of your main characters to get to know them better. Read More >

Pitching Rules to Score

A pitch should get our attention. Its only purpose is to interest the prospective publisher or agent in the idea of the mss. The work itself will determine if your writing is good enough. Read More >

Pitch Perfect

There will always be apocryphal stories of writers who, repeatedly spurned by publishers, go on to be discovered and championed by one visionary, thence to be embraced by the world. It happens, I guess, but it doesn’t happen much. Read More >

Next Steps

Learn a range of ways to interest publishers in your work; how to distinguish a synopsis from a pitch; how a verbal pitch’s content differs from one written; how to craft a concise cover letter; and whom to pitch. Read More >

What I Will Do on My Holidays

There is no clearer signal to a fresh start than the beginning of a new year and in January computers across the nation hum as aspiring writers tweak and noodle their manuscripts in haste to send off to publishers. Read More >

Parallel Lives

Good writing is hard and it takes time, and so it is with good editing. I want to see outstanding Australian books published and read, as I expect you do, so we need to buy quality Australian books to ensure that there is an industry. Read More >